Erythroplusia pyropia (Butler, 1879)


Scientific name

Erythroplusia pyropia (Butler, 1879)


 Peroplusia pseudopyropia Chou & Lu, 1978





Himachal Pradesh



E. pyropia differs from its closely related species E. rutilifrons (Walker,1858) by darker reddish-golden shining on forewing without black spots near stigma mark;  Valve assymetrical; longer and thicker spines present on the vesica.


Wingspan 25-30mm. Head and vertex suffused with golden-orange scales. Forewing with darker reddish-golden shining. Basal and terminal area suffused with pinkish scales. Gamma mark 8-shaped brightly visible. In male genitalia, valve assymetrical; the saccus of the left valve bears a distally directed, curved process, right valve bears a subapically recurved. Vesica with thicker spines and diverticulam easily seen; spinulose field present on vesica distally. Female genitalia with shorter ductus bursae; appendix bursae less curved.



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