Welcome to Plusiinae of India  

The subfamily Plusiinae was erected by Boisduval (1829) with type genus Plusia Ochsenheimer in 1816. This subfamily is moderately large and taxonomically compact. The Plusiines are represented by approximately 500 species worldwide, of which 59 species are reported in India (Shashank & Longjam 2014),which were grouped in three tribes (Abrostolini Eichlin & Cunningham, 1978; Argyrogrammatini Eichlin & Cunningham, 1978 and Plusiini Boisduval, 1928) and 25 genera. Abrostolini is represented by 2 species; Argyrogrammatini by 33 species and Plusiini by 24 species.

This site provides species checklist, terminologies and species pages for Indian species of Plusiinae.